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July 8, 2008

>Day 1….

>So as it turned out, I ran out of pages in my training log on the same date that I arrived in Buffalo, NY for a 2 week training trip for my job. 2 weeks in a hotel == boredom so here I am, in a king sized bed with way too many pillows, after my first day of real-life work, starting a blog. Should be awesome.

Anyway I decided to explore the city this morning on a run. At 5pm Buffalo is a pretty quiet city, so at 6am I was pretty much the only one out. I had no idea where I was, so I took a gamble and ran about 30 minutes “to the left” of my hotel. It turns out that I picked the wrong way. As fate would have it I ended up in the sketchy part of town, pretty happy that I was the only person around. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the right.

Having the 70.3 scheduled for this weekend was a cruel twist of fate. My parents will be meeting me in RI with my bike, leaving me without the ability to swim or bike this week before the race. Not so good for the nerves. Oh well. My plan on friday is to rent a car and be on the road by 5pm. The drive to Providence is about 7.5 hours from here, so I’ll be good and tired for Saturday. The only good thing about this situation is I keep telling myself my best races have been when things were hectic the day before. I’m choosing right now to just ignore the fact that after the race I will have to hop in the car and drive the 7.5 hours back to Buffalo.

Anyway, I left the schedule my coach wrote out for me at home, so I will officially be making it up. I think it called for some short hill sprints mid week to loosen up, but Buffalo is the flatest place I’ve ever been to, so I’m not sure how that will work. Regardless, tomorrow AM I plan on a 30 minute bike at the gym, and a 20 minute easy run. Wednesday, 45 minutes with 10 minutes at threshhold in the middle (hills if I can find it), Thursday will be 20 minute bike, 10 minute run, and Friday I will be resting. Saturday I’ll get in a quick swim and jog.

Tomorrow during training I’ll be mapping out my nutrition plan for the race, woohoo.