>day 2…

>my legs are confused. I’m not so sure if I did the right thing by not recovering after Highlands Sky and waiting for a taper/recovery for this race. Boo. Anyway, I decided my nutrition for this race will be somewhat similar to my ultras, but slightly different because I think I work harder running up mountains than I do when I bike or swim. But nonetheless the times will be similar. Plan A:
-Electrolytes: 2 caps before race, 2 caps start of bike, 1 every hour thereafter, if it’s “Africa hot” as coach says then it will be 2 every hour.
-Ginger to settle the stomach: one at the start, one on the bike, one at the run
-Gu: 2 start of bike, one every hour, possibly 2 to start the run depending on heat/how I feel
-Drinks: ALOT. 1.33 Liters per hour at a minimum. 3 bottles on the bike to start, and I’ll take the bottles from the stops along the way. 1 bottle of Perpetuem on the bike, 2 of HEED. Still contemplating carrying a bottle of HEED on the run…..
-Other: Possibly a powerbar for the bike. I will have to see how I hold up after the first 25 miles. I have no idea what it will feel like to be on a bike for 3 hours, seeing as the longest I’ve ever riden is <35. I will also definitely take some soda on the run, which seems like it will be every mile.

Anyway, I need to get this right or else the ride back to Buffalo will be a mess on Sunday night…..

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