>I am 5 weeks out to GEER, and definitely getting nervous. This was a rest week, and I think that’s why. I race the weekend at Luray, and while my body was tired afterwards and on Sunday, I didn’t have the same feeling I do after what it takes for a 30 miler. On top of that, I felt great with my AT run the weekend before, which is worrisome to me. I need to be very tired going into my taper in 2 weeks. Anyway, I’m back in buffalo, which means the training takes a hit. No swimming, no biking.
M- 1 hr in the AM.
T – 50 in the AM, 35 threshold in the evening + lift.
W – 1 hr hard in the PM
Th – 1.5 AM, 45 PM
F – 1 hr AM- recovery
Sat – ~28 miles…
Sun – A10 with pops 🙂

At Luray, I took a bottle of water on the bike, a GU on the bike halfway, and a GU on the run. I oculd have drank more, but I couldn’t find anywhere to fill my bottle before. Ideally, I would not have forgotten my HEED at home, either. I was very hungry at the end of the run and would have liked another GU 1/2way through.

Diamondman or Lancaster….??

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