>This goes against everything I believe in

>The compulsion I have to share this video with friends is undeniable. Watch this vid (not at work, obvi) but don’t judge me for thinking its hilarious (the first video he did is also good, but this one’s better).

update: since the posting, I have watched each vid numerous times, and decided that his first video of this series is actually my fav.

update numero dos: I have also been coerced into telling how I found these vids to begin with. Well, when you pull up YouTube, you are given a list of “recommended videos” based upon your previous viewing history. Needless to say, “show me your genitals” happened to be in my list. Don’t judge me.

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  1. >for some reason I don’t have permission to view that link or something…it just takes me to a weird part of the google world. However I’m sort of hoping that it’s the 2 girls, 1 cup video which I also did not realize was the same man.

  2. >Sorry, it’s not 2 girls 1 cup (and I have never seen that; it’s my only fear in this world) but it’s actually the link to “Regular Everyday Normal Guy 2” I’m sure you can find it yourself if you want to see it. So, yeah, it’s basically 2 girls 1 cup, by Jon Lajoie.

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