>Swagger of a college kid

>It never ceases to amaze me how slow and fat I can feel and seven days later feel awesome and fit. I love the realization that even though I feel like I haven’t put in any quality workouts in awhile, after a few hard sessions I have my legs back and I’m ready to go. This past week I ran 49 miles, spent 3.5 hours on the bike (plus 2 more spinning), and swam 9500. Granted, that includes a day off work when I was able to complete an entire triathlon as a workout, as well as a weekend training trip to Charlottesville, but my Thursday/friday were pretty light so I’m happy with the results.

Charlottesville was exactly what I needed. A quality coaching sesh laid out some plans for WS training. More importantly than planning out a few big training weekends though, was the mental checkup that it provided me. It got me thinking about what exactly I wanted out of this race and what I absolutely didn’t want involved in the preparation for racing as well as the race itself. One of the great things that came out of this is my decision to not attend the training weekend for WS over memorial day weekend. Instead, I am going to travel out to Cali the first weekend in May and run the same distances, but with Frannie and Gill instead of 700 strangers. My reasons for this are:
1. it will be less expensive and I will not have to sleep in a car and
2. I will not have to deal with a bajillion other douchebaggy ultrarunners who want to know how many miles I have run since whatever day and how many races I have run and won.
The last thing I will need a month out from this race is a million different people trying to give me advice on how to run when they hear it’s my first 100. This way, I am still just an anonymous runner when I toe the starting line in June. I have no one watching me except for myself, and I will be able to quietly prepare without having anyone freak me out with a million questions or horror stories. I’d rather have the people out West wondering who the hell I am when I’m a contender after 60 miles, than to have people anticipating a great race from me before I’ve even started 🙂

When I was down in C-ville, Francesca and Gill also showed me the trailer for a reality TV show that will feature them, “Run for your Life.” I am in the trailer – awes – and you can go here to watch it.

This week will be more of the same. Swimming this morning finally felt good again, I’m pretty pumped to be on my bike and riding well, and I’m picking my mileage back up again without problems. yay me.

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  1. >I was legitimately inspired by your post and that pilot clip of Run for Your Life. Had an awful first run yesterday and was definitely going to skip it today, until I read your blog. The run ended up being great. The awkward part is I’m being completely sincere. I don’t know how to handle writing on a blog without it being a joke. Titties!Penis!Vagina!!!That is what she said, in reference to something inappropriately sexual.

  2. >hahaha, ohhh Fun Jen what will I do without you in my life slash the same country for the next many days???? I miss you already.But seriously, glad the run today was better. It will take some time, but you’ll be back in it in no time. Claire and I are missing you on Mondays!

  3. >Alyssa, you sounded surprisingly eloquent and professional in your clip in the trailer. No offense.And Jen, way to upstage Alyssa on her own blog. That was some funny shit. I think I underestimated you.

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