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>So I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because I have been busy in my real-world life – trying to study for my Series 6 and trying to find my own place to live in a couple of months. This has kept me sufficiently stressed (mostly the test part), however, it has also given me some pretty good stories. For instance, I got to tour a miniature apartment in Fed Hill. Literally, the things were made for Tiny Tim – if you are above 5’8” and 150 lbs you would break things. And maybe hit your head on the ceiling. Supposedly this is because the circus used to come to Baltimore and the little circus midges would live in the houses there so often the houses were built midget size. However, I continue to question the validity of this story so if anyone can offer evidence that would be great. (Note: this is not related to the Midgetville of Pasadena. I know there are some good things on the internet about that one, but the only site I was allowed to pull up at work about it is this one)

I have also missed out on offering the roommate updates to the public recently, so here they are (names are changed for confidentiality):
-Trelly – Still plans on buying a house in the burbs with her horrible loud know-it-all boyfriend. It should be awesome. I wish I was going to law school so I could take on the case that they will have when she realizes he sucks and she wants to just keep the house.
-Parly – Is awaiting the reply from UMD grad school, and preparing to live with her overbearing mother in a few months. She’s pondering the idea of trying to secure extra graduate student loans to hopefully allow her to stay in the city and live with her brother, though.

For Parly, thinking about how to pay for grad school can be quite stressful, but this is something she’ll have to consider if this is the path she is looking to go down.

Anyway, in terms of her housing situation, we wouldn’t really be surprised if that happens to see as they are sort of like the creepily too-close siblings from that one ep of Friends.
-Carbon – Claims that Blake has asked her to move in with him for the summer. Obvi just a way for him to pay less rent since he lives by himself in a nice place in Harbor East. I hope I’m around for the conversation when he tells her to pay rent and she goes “wait…what?” In the meantime, she will continue to leave her dirty ass cups with her plastic straws still in them in the sink so that the rest of us can load them into the dishwasher for her.

In my own life things are not much more exciting than what was said in the first paragraph. In terms of training, I can honestly say I just haven’t been running too much the past couple weeks because I simply haven’t felt like it. And that’s fine. I have a long road ahead of me to WS, and if I take January easy I’m not worried. Running a bunch of ultras this spring for training will take a lot out of me mentally and physically (and monetarily, dammit) and one thing I have learned is that I can’t force the training runs for these. I have decided to try to get into the Bull Run 50 and the North Face Endurance Challenge 50, plus a few other randoms. I’m really pumped for Bull Run mostly because I think I can place well, and the prize money for NFEC is $1000 bones and a free trip to San Fran for the Championships in Dec so I will probably go all out for that one too. Considering 19/85 people even finished last year I suppose I have my work cut out for me.

While running is taking a backseat, I’ve ramped up my time on the bike and my time in the pool. Swimming is awes, I can feel myself getting stronger and faster every week, and I can churn out a 3500 workout without wanting to die now. Biking still hurts my crotch but hopefully, that will get better soon too.

If you’re bored check out ws100.com as they just added a new slideshow introduction which is pretty baller. Only 162 days away, holler.

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  1. >all eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus…Good updates. Trelly’s story is absolutely absurd. You are committing suicide if you move to the county at that age. Shoot, at any age.I don’t know if females have a legitimate gripe about their crotches hurting after riding a bike…

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