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  1. >I can’t believe you did the inaugural Celtic Solstice event. You really should have tried to do it every year! Either way, maybe the course was short that year, and that’s why you ran faster than at Rockville (which is only an 8k, so 4.97 miles) this year.

  2. >To be fair, I think I ran so slow at Rockville because I was on the verge of death by hangover, having vommed up until 2 pm that day. Nonetheless.

  3. >Yeah but that race is at like 9pm. That’s the equivalent of getting really drunk on Friday night and racing at 6am on Sunday morning! Ha!

  4. >You are my idol! At the slightest sign of hangover, I normally curl up in bed and act like a big baby. I once tiled a backsplach with my father even though I had to take breaks every half hour to horck. Not my finest moment…

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