>Thoughts of the day slash week

>1. After barely being able to touch my toes last night, I realized I really do need to focus on stretching (I think I mentioned that a few posts back and then proceeded to ignore myself). Anyway, I will never go to a yoga class because they are never convienent since apparently the granola crunchers can’t do yoga before 9am, and in the afternoons I’d rather devote my training elsewhere. Plus an hour is a really long time to have to stretch. So I downloaded “Yoga for Runners” via iTunes. It’s 17 minutes long, about 6 different stretches, and tried it out for the first time this morning. I enjoyed it. It’s just the right time where I can do it after a run and not feel like I’m wasting my precious time, but its enough time to actually get good stretching in. Anyway, I’ll try to remember to do it daily and see what happens.

2. I’m addicted to Snickers Ice Cream bars.

3. I got 40% off coupons from all my favorite stores e-mailed to me this week. And I just paid off the ol’ credit card. Time for shopping!

4. Purple Drink + Balls = Grape Nuts

5. 93 days until Western States! yikes.

6. I was going to go to Mighty Taco today to satisfy a promise I made to the one and only Fun Jen. Howevs, I was at the gym and a commercial came on for their latest promotion. Apparently, they are allowing customers to trade in gold in exchange for tacos. The commersh had a girl literally taking off her earrings, handing them to the cashier, and recieving a bag ful of tacos in return. As awesome/befuttling as that is, I don’t think I can go to that establishment…..

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  1. >IT IS A JOKE!!!!! THEY ARE KIDDING. HAVE A GODDAMN SENSE OF HUMOR!!! You suck. No exclamation point, just a period bc it is a statement of fact.

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