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>The Montrail website gives the profiles for all their sponsored athletes. One of the questions on the profile is if they could take 2 words about themselves and combine them into one word to describe themselves, what would they be? I had a pretty fun time coming up with this for myself, and the final results is:

Abbreviator + giggle = Abbriggle.

What are your two words?

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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  1. >UMM HELLOOO…MCFLY…I think you should take a second look at that word that you came up with, and then decide if that’s the best word that you should be using to describe yourself, especially if it’s going to be seen on the interweb by others.Did you notice what could possibly be wrong??How about a gigglian?A giggling lesbian.

  2. >haha well i thought that my word was one of those things that if no one blatently brought attention to it I would be able to get it past. I suppose I should have known better, so I am censoring my own blogpost. And I’m just going to ignore the lesbian comment.

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