>Blame it on the henny

>After running on Saturday I was able to realize how far I have come. From training, to recovery, I feel like I have most of my bases covered as I enter the final phase of my training for Western States. In fact, after looking at pictures from the race one of my biggest concerns is figuring out how to look cute while I run. So I’m not doing too bad. My goal is a sub-24 hour finish at WS, (well, let’s be honest, sub-22) and I do not want to give myself any excuses. I want to prepare as well as I can in the next 8 weeks so that I have no room for blame. When I toe the line I want to feel as if I have done everything I can to prepare, so on that day I can relax, and concentrate on just moving forward and nothing else.

Of course, one of my main concerns (as always) is nutrition. In my past few races I have survived on loads of fluids and electrolytes and Gu. After the finish, I can sense that my blood sugar is low (mostly the dizzy/nauseous feeling I have) but after a handful of chips or pretzels I bounce back quickly. While the Gus are enough for a 50 miler or 100K, I doubt that they will help me survive 100 miles. Or at least if they do, it will not be a pretty sight afterwards (and that might disrupt me looking cute in the pics afterwards). So, I have 1 ultra and 1 half-IM distance race to find something more substantial that doesn’t make me vom or poo. First try will be Ensure (vanilla). I have had this at races before, but I have never felt like I needed it. However, I think I will be able to get it down, as long as I can keep it cold. I will also try pringles, as these seem to be relatively okay with me on a long run. Finally, I may try to get some soup at the NF50 and see how my stomach does with that. If those options do not play out well, I will be forced to try something new at WS, and just pray.

If anyone out there has suggestions for things to try on an ultra, please let me know. I have tried pretzels, sandwiches, quesadillas, candy, etc, but nothing seems to be appetizing. That’s what makes me think I need to go for some sort of nutritional supplement drink.

Next thing I need to work on is being comfortable carrying loads of water. I do not like to race with a douchebag on, as my back gets tired and they get hot really quick. However, even just carrying one water bottle makes me want to cry when I’m at the end of a 50 and I’m doing climbs. The plan for WS is to carry two bottles, plus have a spare in a mini douchebag thing made by Nathan. I will attempt the 2-bottle carry during my long runs on the AT this weekend, and then most likely try to race with it at NF50.

All in all, as I iron these two things out and get in my long runs the next month or so I am beginning to feel ready. I put in about 35 miles since the race, with about 50 more coming this weekend. Unfortunately, with all this running I am not able to get on my bike outside much yet, but I will try to squeeze that in on some week nights coming up as well. My hope at this point is that the strength I am building from these long runs will ultimately pay off on the bike as well.

We shall see.

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  1. >I have similar concerns for IMAZ. Clif bars are good, i.e. have a taste and consistency similar to normal granola bars yet still have a relatively high # of cals, but I still find them hard to chew and swallow while on a bike. Two weeks ago Hammer bars were on special at REI and they also taste pretty damn good but have a much gooier texture (yet still solid) and are much easier to get down. I’m taking one on a ride this morning so I’ll let you know how it goes.Lastly, drop into a GNC or Vitamin Shop and ask about weight gainers. I have a powder that packs like ~700 cal, plus protein, amino acids, electrolytes into a 20oz shake. They prob have more protein than you’ll be able to process in a few hours but there are a lot out there with diff blends.Time to ride.

  2. >Protein and fat are needed in addition to carbs and calories (hence why Gu won’t totally suffice in a 100-miler). Hammer’s Perpetuem sportsdrink does pretty well with this one, having mostly carbs with a little added protein and fat for the really long runs. I’ve been testing this out on a few 50k’s for MMT training and it seems to work pretty well. Two bottles – one water and one Perpetuem. This stuff has a different taste from most other sportsdrinks though, so make sure to try before you buy.If you don’t want handhelds or hydration packs, why not try out a waistpack (like this Nathan one – http://nathansports.com/our_products/hydration_nutrition/elite_2v_plus.html)Option B for nutrition would be a gel that has protein added into it. AccelGel has this, but I think it tastes like balls and the packaging is horribly engineered. First Endurance, on the other hand, makes their EFS Liquid Shot and I’ve been hearing great things about it. It doesn’t have protein in it per se, but it does have amino acids, which is what your body would be breaking the protein down into anyways, so you basically just skip a digestion step and go straight to the good stuff. It comes in refillable flasks too, so it’s easy to leave those in drop bags at WS.Ok, enough with my essay on nutrition. Good luck with the rest of your WS training! (found your blog off of Sophie’s, btw, in case you’re wondering who this weirdo is).

  3. >a-a-a-a-a-alcohol babyFirst, if your lady humps were bigger you could be like a camel and not have to worry about carrying water.Second, HEED I hear is pretty good. A friend of mine is a fairly sweet/legit coach/owns a nutrition biz. Not to step on Melissa’s toes, but unfortunately her experience in the super long stuff doesn’t run deep. This guy has done well at JFK in the past and is a low 9 IM guy with a few Hawaii trips. I could put you in touch with him if you’d be willing to put up some dolla dolla bills.Third, Z, Clif Bars are mad tasty and super easy to eat on a bike. Not very easy to get out of the wrapper all the time. They also don’t melt as quickly as PowerBars in the summer, and don’t freeze up like PBs in the winter. PowerBars suck. But really on the bike nothing beats Snickers, Coke, chocolate cupcakes or Krimpets.

  4. >Yo I wasn’t hating on Clif bars- they are very tasty, just require a lot of chewing compared to the Hammer ones I tried, which did get kinda gooey yesterday. Powerbars blow ass.

  5. >Bobby – Thanks for the info. I have tried Perpetuem, and despite the fact that it does taste like milky feet I have had success with it. I also hear it’s coming out in some new flavors which has the potential to be sweet. As with anything though, too much of it is never a good thing, hence why I’m looking at other options. I appreciate the other suggestions and I will definitely look into them. It’s also definitely good to know that I should be looking for the protein/fat combo when I experiement with the solid foods too, moreso than just mroe carbs.Ryan/Z – Clif bars make me poop within like .2 seconds, so I’m not sure how I feel about them in a race situation. HEED is the best drink in the world. Sometimes I just drink it at home when I’m not doing anything physical because it is that tasty. Depending on how NF50 goes I may get in touch with the man you know for some further assistance.

  6. >Dude – refer to him as dude.Please never refer to any person of the male gender that I know as “the man you know”. It sounds pervish and creepy.

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