>Shorty fire burning on the dance floor

>This weekend kicked off triathlon season for me with the Columbia Triathlon. As I went to the packet pickup on Saturday and saw all the d-bag triathletes who (despite being extremely good looking) act like these events are the Olympics, I got pretty excited. I get a kick out of checking out everyones sweet outfits and bike gear, and the anticipation that was present at Centennial Park was great. Despite knowing that Sunday’s weather wasn’t looking too good, people were pumped, and so was I. My expectations for the race weren’t too high. My first race of the season is never my strongest, but at the same time I would never say I wanted to go slow. So of course while I always am going for a PR, I felt that going 2:35 was reasonable, but 2:40 would be acceptable.

I got to the park on Sunday at 6am, got things set up and then….waited. My wave wasn’t going to start until 8:09, so I had some free time on my hands. I wandered around, I went to the bathroom about 30 times, and I had some snacks. The sweet part was watching the pros come through. Everyone was pretty quiet while Terenzo and the other lead men came through (so quiet it would have been mad awkward if I yelled my phone number to him…), and then the one and only Chrissie Wellington was spotted coming out of the water. Cheers erupted. Everyone simply loves this woman. I snapped a pic papparazi style, hung out a little longer to see Ryan head out on his bike, and then made my way down to the swim start. There I ran into Bren and Jen, who were pretty inspiring and said some words of encouragement. Anyway, blah blah blah and I’m off on the swim start. I felt like I was swimming well, but I also felt like I was in the water for forever, so I knew my time wasn’t great (ended up in the 26’s…yuck). Whether the swim was long or not, I definitely want to improve on that for the races to come, but my focus was really on the bike and run today so I didn’t care. Since January I have had my share of racing and training, and I thought that this would be a good test of where my legs are right now. I took last week relatively easy after the North Face debacle, but I certainly haven’t rested and I felt that if I put in a strong performance on the bike/run portion here – which are notably difficult – then I can be content that I’m on the right path for training.

The bike course was windy, but thankfully the temps hadn’t dropped too much. Starting in the second-to-last wave also gave me plenty of people to contend with and work to pass, so it made the ride fly by. I felt great on the bike, and managed to stay in my big chain ring the entire ride which was a first for me on that course. I was a little nervous that doing so was ruining my chances of a fast run, but whatevs, I had decided to do what I do. Unfortunately, my bike split didn’t come through, so the results show I spend like 140 minutes at T3 or something ridic, haha. But off onto the run I went. I felt good despite the hilly course (which I still swear was a part of the Club Challenge course). Again, I managed to pass a lot of people and that helped to have bodies out there in front of me to run down. My pace ended up being 7:42 and I had the fastest run of my age group. Again, I’m pretty pleased because I don’t think I’ve ever managed that, so that’s a good sign. I came through the finish in 2:39 and, according to Ryan, did not look like a Lumbering Dinosaur; again, a good thing.

All in all, it was a successful event for everyone. I snagged 3rd in the age group, and the rest of Team TWSS also put in great performances making us a pretty baller group.

Little did I know, my big event of the day was still to come. The First Annual Twilight Ajundar Beer Mile took place yesterday evening. After being slightly wishy washy on my own participation in the event, I opted to go for the full after securing a slight handicap that would allow me to shotgun the bevs. After bev #1 I was in first place and held that for all of 150 meters before being over taken by Brennan, Arjun, and Zero. I think Matt Stanford also passed me at some point, but alas, my beer drinking skills are pretty baller and I was able to finish strong in third place, with a time of 8:56. I felt a bit queasy, my stomach was so full of liquid I couldn’t move, and the drunkenness set in pretty quick…but it was awes. (note: 3rd place was for the heat….overall I ended up 5th).

All in all, a great success of a Sunday. Not sure what the next few weeks have in store for me training wise, I will try to iron all of that out in the next couple and days.

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  1. >I think I passed you on the first lap, however your drinking skills were too much for me and you were ahead of me for the rest of the race.

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