>Safety First!

>Because yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Jen being hit by a car and a couple months after a car got hit by Ryan, I am inspired to write a post on safety.

Also because yesterday this article ran. This morning I woke up and was relieved to read this one.

So anyway, here is Alyssa’s Safety Nuggets:
-Look both ways before you cross a street.
-Continue to look both ways as you cross the street if it’s a large intersection.
-Never trust drivers who wave you across the road.
-If you do get hit, propel yourself into a cartwheel. You will escape with only a bad head wound and a fractured foot.
-If you hit a car on your bike, you’re pretty much screwed. Wear a helmet.
-In fact, wearing a helmet while running is also pretty safe.
-Just wear an everyday helmet.
-If you are going running in a remote area, bring a friend.
-Plan ahead. Bring enough food and water so that you could survive another few hours than you think you’ll be gone.
-If you do run out of food or water, do not separate from your friend! This is retarded. Search for it together.
-You should only separate from your friend if they can’t go any further because they are sick or hurt. If that’s the case, put them in the shade and have them stay put while you go get help.
-Always tell a friend where you’re going when you go running alone
-Always tell a friend when you are going on a date with a weirdo.
-Don’t take candy from strangers.
-Don’t go to workout with a large man who claims he wants to put you in a fitness calendar.
-If it feels like a trap, it is a trap.
-Don’t do anything you wouldn’t tell your mother about.
-If you are ever in trouble, just wave your arms and say “this is only a dream” then run far far away.

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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  1. >This is your best post in a while.Of course it doesn't matter how careful I am because I am going to continue to be hit by cars.And no matter how much safety I practice I still got Chlamydia.

  2. >Hey, I wish I had read this post before Sunday. I got hit by a car, drifting through a stop sign. Luckily, she was going really slow (about my speed!) It didn't hurt. Her bumper hit my leg. It was more shocking than anything. I hit her hood with my hand (to gain her attention and to prevent going under the car), flipped her the bird and kept going.I don't think I contracted Chlamydia from this incident, but I won't know until the test results come back next week.

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