>Thanks for the memories

>Just kidding. My memory is horrible, I remember next to nothing. But I think I had a good time in 2009, so I’ll take a brief look back and look at the highs and lows (low low low).

High Point: PR at Holiday Lake 50K in February. Dr. Horton’s (hears a who?) races are always pretty competitive and attract a lot of wild card younger marathoners, so getting in the top 3 there and breaking 5 hours was sweet.

Low Point: DNF at North Face in May. No one wants to be a quitter.

High Point: THE JAMS!  2009 has been a sick year for music, especially with the ladies T. Swift and Lady Gags releasing sweet stuff nonstop.

Low Point: Mile 35 of Western States. Puking, hot and tired. Enough Said.

High Point: Finishing Western States. Rivals winning GEER for my favorite ultrarunning moment.

Low Point: Ryan getting hit by a car. Even though it didn’t hurt me physically, it hasn’t been fun to see a friend have to go through that. He was setting himself up for a baller year, and not being able to see him finish it is sad.

High Point: Qualifying for Clearwater. I never thought I would get there, and I probably never will again, so it was nice to have my 15 minutes of fame.

Low Point: Getting out of the water at Louisville to discover my jacked up rear wheel was flat….before it left the rack.

High Point: Ironman Lousiville. Alyssa, you are an IRONMAN! Not only that, but having 2 amazing friends surprise me and come out for the race was awes.

Low Point: Work was a drag. I was unable to be positive in a lot of other areas of my life because work was getting to be very frustrating and stressful. Buttt…..

High Point: I got a new job! I will be kicking off 2010 as a Data Analyst & Technical Writer for a defense contractor in Hunt Valley, so that should be a good change of pace and hopefully something that I enjoy.

Low Point: DNF at JFK. Again, it’s never fun to quit. Especially when you’re going for a 5th finish and final race of the year. OHhhhhhh well.

High Point: Some baller performances by my bffs on TWSS. A few standouts: Chrissie at NY, Bren at National, Ben at JFK, Ryan finishing Eagleman standing (haha), Zero’s IM……the list goes on.

Low Point: Getting tired. I had more struggles with my mental racing game than I usually do this year, espcially post-IM.

High Point: Getting more comfortable in the pool and on the bike. I’m beginning to actually enjoy these workouts now and am looking forward to the spring and summer when I can get out there more. Hopefully will be able to save for a new bike in 2010 as well!

Low Point: Missing the Majumdar wedding due to my little race. Still feel bad about that one!

High Point: I’m 24 years old and did I mention I’m an Ironman and a Western States finisher? Damnnnnn son. I’m a sexy biatch.

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