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*I’ve had this post sitting for awhile now, waiting to add things, but then I got lazy so I’m just combining a lot into a big post*

5/3 – Recovery 8.5 miles, 1 hour 5 minutes

5/4 – 4×2 mile, 2 mile wu, 2 mile cd, 1 hour 45 minutes

5/5 – 21ish? on trails, 3 hours

5/6 -8.5 recovery, 1 hour 20 minutes
5/7 – 3×20, 2×10 hills, 10 minute cool down, 20 miles; 2 hours 50 minutes
5/8 – 29 miles; 6 hours
5/9 – 1 mile; 8 minutes, 22 seconds

Total: 101 miles, 16 hours, 8 minutes, 22 seconds

So this week went much better than last. I struggled a bit with the 4×2’s again, but I think that is normal as my speed has been falling off with all of my long runs. I was a bit worried coming off of the hill workout this week that I may not hold up for the long run. Usually I would just accept that it would be slower than usual, but since Bobby was going to head down to the OD course with me I wanted to make sure I wasn’t holding him back…too much. We headed out the door at 5:30 saturday morning, dropped aid at 2 spots (Elizabeth’s Furnance and Veach West) and drove over to the Little Fort area to park. This was going to allow us to run ~29ish miles of the course, from 64 – 93. We both knew that seeing the last third of the race course would be a huge help for our own race. The day took about 6 hours, stopping/goofing off/napping included.
This included about an hour of a climb up to Sherman’s Gap, and then a half hour climb up to Veach Gap. Melissa will be with me for these parts of the race, so that should make them more bearable on race day 🙂 I still didn’t see any bears, but we did see this snake:
BUT the realy highlight of the week was the 2nd Annual Arjun Birthday Baltimore Beer Mile Championships. I was back and ready to defend my title of first woman from last year, and a little scared about the fact that I actually had another competitor in my division this year (usually girls do teams of 2). Alas, my beer-drinking abilities are similar to that of a 200 pound male, and I kept my title for a second year in a time that surprised even me, 8:22. I think I need to market this skill a little better, I feel like that’s where my future is. Anyway, I made a sweet video of the event and it’s on youtube HERE.
Moving on after that, I had a nice little rest week on tap.  I still had 2 long runs of 17ish miles and 20 miles, but other than that I did easy days of an hour to an hour and a half, with TWO days off! Yes, that’s right, I was that tired. Along with being tired, I have noticed I am hungry all the time. So hopefully that means something is working.

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