>The waiting is the hardest part….


Not too much to report. The taper has begun, which is generally the most nerveracking difficult time of the training process. The build/peak weeks are cut and dry. You either do the workout, and get through it, or you don’t. You meet your times, or you don’t. The taper is much more abstract, with runs based on feelings and disposition. But last week was good. For as much running as I did, I felt strong and there wasn’t too much lingering tiredness or soreness.

5/17: 6×2 mile, 1 mile wu and 1 mile cd; 2 hours
5/18: easy hour, 7 miles
5/19: 20 miles with 10 miles at MP; 3 hours
5/20: easy hour, 7 miles
5/21: 1:15 of hills in the AM, 2:45 of hills in the PM, 26 miles.
5/22: HUMP 50K, 5 hours 15 minutes
5/23: Off

Totals: 106 miles, 16 hours, 15 minutes

Definitely the toughest week I have put in. The HUMP run was a good exercise in patience – I definitely practiced staying calm and dealing with issues during the run. I ran alone for most of the 32 miles, had to play close attention to course markings, and had to deal with no water stations on the second loop.

Aside from that, all I can say is I feel ready. I’ve put in the miles. Not a day in the past few weeks has gone by without thinking about the race in some way. I get pumped thinking about this moment from last year:

and it feels like time to do it again. 8 more days…….

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