>Making plans and being awesome

>So as much as it stinks to have to plan races out months (or a year!) in advance, it actually is for the best because it does allow for the time to prepare for the events. So, this month I have begun to peice together my 2011 race schedule. Not to be ignored, of course, are the 3 big races I still have coming up this year – IM Wisconsin, Mt Masochist 50, and Hellgate 100K. Originally I had planned to “race” MMTR and Hellgate hard, going for broke in each of these. However, about a month ago, I got a crazy idea. I began itching for another 100 miler in the plans. Then when I really got thinking, I was reminded of an offer my friend Ryan Schmidt had thrown out when he moved to Hawaii with his family – that they would be out there if I wanted to come run the HURT 100 to help.

Now, HURT falls into it’s own little category in the 100 milers: Hard. The course record for the women is set by a certain woman who has won the race the past 2 years, and also won Western States this year in 19 hours. Her time on the HURT course is just over 24. That means this course is tough. Still don’t believe me? Take a look at this picture, showing what the course is famous for – the roots!

Oh, and there’s the 24,935 feet of climb and 24,935 feet of descending to deal with.

But, this race is also well known for being an amazing weekend to take part in. The “hawaiian spirit” is in full force, and from what I can tell, the runners all become family for the weekend.  So, this past weekend I found out that I had indeed been accepted (via lottery) into HURT. That means MMTR and Hellgate will still be in the works, but will be training weekends with long runs the next day. One thing is for sure – to be successful in Hawaii, I have to learn to be on my feet for a long time. I am certain that I will be running through the night, and want to be coherent when I get to see the beautiful sunrise the second day of running.

HURT comes at a weird time (Mid January) so this will be the first year I train fully through winter and don’t take December off. But, I plan to take February easy, then in March start easing into training again to prepare for Eagleman in June. Then maybe a few of the favorite summer tris, and then I’ll switch back to ultras, and look for a mid-to-late fall 100.

Looks like I’ll be a busy girl for awhile 🙂

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  1. >I somehow missed this post. So yeah, the roots are terrible on the course .. but so are the rocks / boulders / whatever you want to call them. And the rainy wet conditions. Oh this is gonna be fun.Your schedule for the next year sounds crazy! I don't really even know what I am doing for the next month.

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