>Week 1

>So I half apologize for this post. Why only half? Because right now you’re reading it, and if you make it through you deserve a prize because while it will not be long, it will be boring. So, I’m half sorry. But I’m half not sorry because in 8 weeks when I win HURT you guys are going to be like “Shoot how did Alyssa do that?” And then you’ll be thanking me for chronicling the next 8 week through these useful, albeit boring, posts.

Coming off of MMTR I felt okay. My legs felt great, I wasn’t really even sore, but I could tell that my body was just “tired.” It hasn’t been going through long efforts like that in awhile, and the running mileage adding up was just reminding me of the importance of sleeping and eating. I wasn’t going to take a full rest week, but rather the first few days easier and then ramp things back up. This is what it ended up looking like:

Monday 11/8 – easy hour on the waterfront, 7 miles
Tuesday 11/9 – off
Wednesday 11/10 – 7.5 with 2×2 mile “race pace”, 1 hour
Thursday 11/11 – easy 5.5, 45 minutes
Friday – 8 miles, 1:07ish
Saturday – 15 miles, 2 hours, 2×15 minute hill repeats
Sunday – Metric Marathon (16.3 miles) 2:05, 12 miles at the Park (2 hours)

Totals: 71.3 miles, 10(ish) hours

*Sidebar about the Metric Marathon: This is a 16.3 hilly, HILLY, course run through Columbia. My goal going into the race was to run 8’s, but if nothing else just get through the race with enough gas to go run another 2 hours afterwards. I enlisted the help of Jen K. and Carly P for this task I brought along my Specialized Daily, and Jen was going to run the first 8 with me while Carly rode, then they’d swap. After a couple miles, however, it appeared I had more fitness than I thought and was pushing the pace. Jen and Carly swapped early – though I’m not sure how much of a relief that was, as riding the Daily on the hills through unclosed roads was just as challenging. They swapped back at mile 14, and brought me in well under my goal pace, just under 2:05. As one guy who saw us put it, it really does take a village. Thank you girls!

This week I’m pretty excited because I will be heading out to spectate and support Ryan at IMAZ. This means my hill repeats and long runs will be out on some new trails!

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