>I have a confession

>I listened to music while I ran.
For the first time.
In twenty.

And I’m not sorry.

I also probably never would have admitted it, but I was caught red-handed. (Thanks Brenjunarf)

While this will not become a regular practice of mine, I do think it may come in handy at the HURT.

In other news, last week was a rest week and those are boring to post about so I will say that I just took it easy, my long run was a little over 3 hours, and I was in the low 60s for mileage. I really needed a massage and some time to regroup mentally as I geared up for the coming weeks. It seemed to have worked so far though as I have felt good this week.

Jackie mentioned the other day that she had been stalking me (which I appreciate) and ended up wayyyy back in my blogposts. So I was like hmmm I wonder what those even say? It was a sad realization when I realized that my blog stories were way cooler and funnier 2 years ago when I was living with 3 hot blonde girls and drinking a box of wine every night. So in the interest of actually keeping people entertained throughout my boring stories as a homeowner/old lady/obsessive runner, here’s this little gem:

A friend of mine was deployed during Thanksgiving and they sent over some letters to the military from kids in the US. He was nice enough to spread the good cheer and type up a few of the diamonds in the haystack for me, and I will pass them on to you (complete with his slightly humorous commentary on them):
1. “Dear Hero, Thank you for fiding for are country it is helpful to us.
Thank you for helping us. From Kalee.” (came with a rudimentary marker-drawn picture of a dude in camo holding an American flag with a plane overhead. Plane had a line to it with the word “airplane” and soldier was aptly labeled “guy”.)
2. “Dear Savior, Thank you very much for protecting all of us. I really appreciate what you are doing. You are being really really nice to us and I like that very much. Please write back. From Joey.” (no address for me to write back)
3. “Dear Hero, Thank you for protecting are country. Thank you for fighting for are country so everybody ais safe. Because if you win we can have more stuff to have. From Morgan” (typical chick)
4. “Dear Defender of the U.S.A., How are you doing, how does it feel to be in the armed forces. Thank you for fighting for our Country, we appreciate what you did, or we wouldn’t have good clhoths but you gys are really spiechl I hope you get to celebrat thanksgiving pleas can you write a letter back if you want. From Miraela”
5. And my personal Favorite: “Dear Defender of U.S. (maybe just us…not exactly clear). Thank you for risking your lives in world war 2 for are country. From Jon” (Little Jon’s best subject is history)

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