>Taper Time


Great dreams require great efforts.

This has been written on my bathroom mirror for the past 8 weeks. It was there when I was out of bed at 4:30am to get my workout in. It was there at 6:50 am when I overslept and pushed my workout off until the afternoon. It was there after the good runs. It was there after I skipped a workout. It was there while I stayed in and missed the party to make sure I was getting enough sleep.  It was there when I came in just a little later than I thought I would because I wanted to go to the party.

And now, 10 days before HURT, the work has been done and there is only one more great effort to put in. I averaged 87 miles per week in the last 6 weeks. One-third of the hours I have run have been focused on climbing. I got out there and ran mountains on the freaky days of December when it was warm and sunny at the top, but I was also out there in the snow when it was cold and miserable.

I ran races and found speed that even I didn’t know I had. I got to know the stair-escalator machine thingy at the gym very, very well.  I ran a 50K++ in shoe-sucking mud conditions through deer trails and I felt the strongest I ever have.
All of these point to one thing: I’m ready. Bring on the HURT.

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