>The Good, the Bad, and the Funny of Running 100 Miles

>I’ll start with the bad so I can end on a good note:

-No one really ever tells you exactly what your body will go through in the time after the race. You will have rashes in places you didn’t know existed. Toenails will fall off. You will feel fine for one minute, then for the next 10 it will feel like someone is repeatedly beating you with a bag of rocks and hammers. You will wake up soaked in your own sweat. You won’t be able to get to sleep. You’ll be hot. You’ll be shivering. Weird smells come out of you. From weird places. You will start to cross a road, realize you can’t make it all the way across in time, but you’re also too slow to get back and are thus stuck in an awkward “omg, I’m sorry I just ran 100 miles and walked out in front of your car like an idiot” moment. And, apparently really gross cold sores can happen. I thought about making a shirt that said “I ran 100 miles and all I got was herpes” but didn’t know how well that would go over with the general public.

-Eventually, the crewing has to stop and you have to get used to doing things for yourself again. It stinks. Seriously. Why can’t we always have someone who follows us around with bags of snacks and drinks?
-Some of the ugliest pictures you ever dreamed possible will surface. No lie, at one point Dave looked at me, laughed, and said “You look like a mess.” Then he proceeded to snap a picture. Once all the pictures are posted and I have a chance to make my ruling, I will post what I deem to be my most un-pretty race pic here.

The Funny.
-You will have to tell people who are almost strangers very personal things. Just after halfway, I had no choice but to look at my crew and tell them that I was sorry, but now I had to start farting and it was going to be really really gross. Luckily, some of the crew admitted to having experience watching other female endurance athletes “take a crap” so that put me somewhat at ease, hahaha.

-Falling. Even when it hurts, it is still pretty funny. Especially when it’s your pacer (sorry Andrew!)

-Watching people go to great lengths to make sure their hands don’t touch your food, or at least are super clean if they are going to. Then they place it in your mud/snot/sweat crusted handed for you to put in your mouth. Yum.
-The things people carry. This also goes along with watching drop bags in the morning. I manage to keep all my items to a minimum and fit them into one large ziplock per aid station. Others literally had SUITCASES larger than the one I flew out here with for all their stuff. They must have been keeping spare body parts in there or something.
– Banyan Trees. Not to be confused with Banging Trees, which I thought Dave was calling them for about 20 miles. Oops.
The Good.
-The people. Runners, crews, pacers, volunteers, race directors, hikers, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-The trails. How many people get to see the sun rise in Honolulu, twice, from the view I had on top of a mountain?
-Having complete strangers tell you they are inspired by what you accomplished.
-The spirit of an ultra. Until you’ve experienced it, there is no way to describe it!
-Being able to say “I finished the HURT!”

Here are some random pictures from the race. I think they help complete my story. (Blogger was being annoying and not let me put them in order, sorry!)

Andrew’s sweet duct tape arm band!
Coming in after lap one, trying to get as naked as possible apparently.

My amazing crew post-race! All smiles.

My face as I saw my toes for the first time after the race

A wonderful woman rubbing my feet 93 miles in, and the Jackass Ginger mascot

Crossing the stream for the second to last time

My amazing crew pre-race! Dave got the memo on the dress code.
Putting on my shoes pre-race

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  1. >I can only identify 63 miles of your story… but that was enough to get the jist. Superb job Alyssa. Great pictures. My old self would say, drink a lot of beer for the pain. Today I'll say stick with fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and lots of advil!!!

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