>Would you hold it against me?

>I’d like to begin this post with a shoutout to Britney and thank her for releasing this sweet new jam just in time to make it on my HURT playlist!

So here I am, many many miles above the earth, on the interwebs. Pretty sweet, eh? I’m able to be en route to Seattle, blogging, g-chatting, and twittering with other HURT runners who are stranded in LAX. Yes folks, I am a huge nerd. Haha.

Anyway, it’s Thursday. Today is basically a travel day. All. Freaking. Day. As I was sitting on my first of 3 direct nonstop flights to my destination, I was looking at maps and realized that I really have no clue where things are. I think Minneapolis should be way more West than it is. And Seattle is wayy too close to Canada. And I actually still don’t really know where Hawaii is anyway because on all the maps they just move it into this little square in the corner, wherever they so desire. So as far I know Hawaii just floats around the Pacific all willy nilly.

But wherever it is, I am going. And word on the street is that it has been raining there. But would we want it to be easy? Pshhh, nope. There have been a couple little bumps in the road in the past few days. First, I managed to pick up some sort of sinusey cold infection disease. I still “feel” okay, but my nose is running like a barefoot Kenyan through the desert. Second, it appears that despite the expected arrival date of January 10th on the package of GU, socks, visors, and Ensure that I mailed, it has not arrived in Hawaii. Last tracking update was on January 2 in California. Odds are its in the bottom of the ocean right now. Which mostly stinks because I had made all my little baggies of GU and S!Caps all up already, and I will have to now go purchase the GU again, make the bags, find more injinji socks, and some Ensure. Again, not a game altering event, but certainly a pain in the ass.

The great news is that I am pumped to get out there and be a part of the race and share this experience with my crew that has been assembled. Hawaiian Ryan Schmidt, a friend of TWSS, is crew captain and my host for the vacation. He has never been part of an ultra before and I’m super pumped that he is getting to experience this before he leaves Hawaii. Ryan will hopefully be running lap 4 with me, barring no issues with his tendonitis. Ryan and I actually don’t really know each other that well, which works out perfectly for a pacer as that will give us plenty of time for him to tell me his life story. And, I will make him do so.

Many of you may be thinking that he is my one-man crew. But, alas, I shouted out Hillary a few weeks ago to see if she had any friends in the area that may be able to give me some good ideas for activities while I’m there. This was a great success as she put me in touch with Dave, her friend. Dave’s a triathlete, an ultrarunner; basically an endurance fiend. After hearing that his other friend wasn’t going to require his help at the race, he eagerly jumped aboard Team God and has been a huge help. His dad lives only a couple miles from the course so he has been able to be out there the past few days and give me some good recon on what’s going on out there. He will be running lap 5 with me. Or, hiking lap 5, whatever the case may be!

I’m sure there will be more later and hopefully pictures as I progress through the trip. Until then, this quote just about sums up what I’m after….

“Most self discovery happens during the toughest moments. It breaks one down and requires you to dig deeper. When I’m lying on the pavement at mile 80 and it’s 100 degrees out, what motivates me to get up and finish the race? That is the self-discovery that occurs. You get a glimpse of your soul at times and see what really makes you tick. You go deeper in finding out what’s possible and what one can achieve.”


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