>Little Known Facts

>-I never ate a tomato (like, a slice of tomato) until I was in college.
-I don’t like the sound of macaroni and cheese being stirred.
-I can’t watch someone file their nails.
-I like to eat desserts for breakfast.
-I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to write desert or dessert and just had to google it. Actually, I Binged it.
-If I sleep past 8am I feel like I have wasted the day.
-One time, at the Naval Academy, I had to drink an entire bottle of A1 sauce. My stomach has never been the same.
-I tell people I’m allergic to mushrooms so I never have to eat them.
-Sometimes I dream about winning the lottery and it’s so realistic it honestly makes me angry that I didn’t win.
-I will never get a GPS because I enjoy using paper directions, and the thrill that brings when they are inevitably sketchy and confusing.
-When I was 10 I begged my mom to let me change the spelling of my name to Alissa, so I could dot the ‘i’ with different things, like hearts and smiley faces. Thank god she said no.
-Gmail addresses I have other than my own: AlaireIndustries (from when claire and I were going to start a party planning business), washingtonawards (from when we were going to host the Washington Awards), and HunterKemper (from one of the better pranks I ever played on Ryan. PS if anyone knows hunter please inform him that he can buy the e-mail address from me for the price of a twitter shoutout).
-I have applied for 2 reality shows in my life, Survivor and the Bachelor. I don’t think I’m dramatic enough.
-You could tell me that Taco Bell was made with only 2% meat and I’d still eat it.
-I always check myself out when I run by a reflective window.
-I think honesty really is the best policy. And if the honest answer isn’t nice, just giggle when you say it. And it’ll be okay.
-One of my “thoughts of the day” over plebe summer at the Naval Academy was “same shit, different day.” I got in trouble for writing “shit,” and to this day I get a knot in my stomach when I say it out loud because I feel like I’m going to get in trouble.
-I think swimming would be much more enjoyable if it didn’t always end up with streams of snot coming down my face. It ruins the pretty.
-One time in my college apartment I was robbed by a raccoon.
-Spontaneous human pyramids make the world a better place.
-I have seen Ted Nugent perform live before. And it wasn’t that bad.
-I believe the most valuable life skill a girl can have is to know how to drive stick.
-I used to believe that if I tried hard enough, I could get in the Guiness Book of World Records for pogo-sticking the longest.
-I have been told that I have an angry resting face, because my mouth turns down.
-I joined the tennis team in high school because I thought the skirts were cute.
-The degree to which I sustain my tan throughout winter is directly proportional to my happiness factor.

Raccoon being a thief (not the one that robbed me)

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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  1. >You pogo stick?!? Me too. I actually DID win an award for pogo-sticking the longest in the 6th grade. I tied with four or five other people, though. I want one of those FlyBars.

  2. >that was french toast alyssa… btw, zero & i U.D.'d it & apparently we (and by we I mean Ryan in the car somewhere's in miami) were not the first to think of it as something sweet and mab. 10. French Toast A term used by Great Lakes surfers to describe the awesomeness of waves.# 11 is also pretty hilarious and uterly disgusting all @ once… #9 is something I'd like to try on her.

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