>Mr. Brightside

>I got caught by a speeding camera on my way to the pool and now owe the city of Baltimore $40.
The brightside? I got this high-res pic of the trusty tracker:

I now spend a good portion of my time in the pool with my arms stuck on paddles, a buoy in my crotch, and my ankles tied together. I will draw a picture of this for your viewing pleasure:

The brightside? If I ever get kidnapped by foreigners who try to torture me with water boarding I will be able to survive for forever.

Stayed up late watching the Oscars with Ryan after a long day of racing and being awesome. Brennan – your disinterest towards this event was noted and will come back to haunt you the next time the Packers are in the Superbowl. Meg, you’re off the hook because you were so nice to Amelia.
The brightside? Facebook movie didn’t win so hopefully this is the beginning of the end and people can return to meeting people in real-life settings and becoming friends (or enemies, for that matter) with them by having conversations and partaking in activities together.

For the first time in years, I raced (and took seriously) a race that was less than 30 miles. My realistic goal was a 1:12:30 and the goal I raced for was sub 1:10. Decided to go big or go home, and ended up with a positive split of 6 minutes and had to run the last half of the race on the brink of total body failure, finishing in 1:12:15.
The brightside? A 7+ min PR on a super hard 10 mile course. A month after 100 miler. Booyah.

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