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>Everything was great until I got into the car to drive home. Pulled onto the ramp to get on 83 South and….dead stop. Nice. 30 minutes later, I had moved 1.5 miles. I got to the pool 1.5 hours after I left work. Usually it takes 35 minutes. I cringed as I realized I’m usually on the last leg of my swim set right about then.

I get to the pool, change, and realize that I have to pee…..now. While I have no qualms about peeing in open water, I do have the decency not to pee in a pool. Run to the bathrooms and they are all full. In the 3 years I have been going to the gym, I can honestly say the gym has never been so packed that this has ever happened to me. But no, not with other girls who need to urgently go to the bathroom. The stalls are all full with girls changing. Twenty-something, and older, girls who apparently find themselves so self conscious they can’t get partially naked in a room full of other girls. Really? Are we in 6th grade gym class? Please. Live a little, people.

Get out to the pool. Nice – my favorite lane is open. And by favorite lane, I mean the one that is so shallow the water barely passes my hips. And the one side makes me dizzy because the wall curves up. And the other wall juts out of nowhere causing me to swim in fear that my stroke will hit the edge, so I swim funny on one side.

Go out for my run. Running through Patterson Park, and realize that now, I am going to be forced to go to the bathroom in a Patterson Park Porta Potty. I may as well have picked up some syphillis off the ground and smeared it all over my body.

Run run run. Finally done! woohoo. I am now going to order my Chipotle online since I’m running late. [Order dinner, go shower] get out of the shower and see my confirmation e-mail, that I successfully ordered my dinner to Chipotle…in Hunt Valley. Nooooooooo. Re-order my dinner to the Chipotle on Boston Street. Call the one in Hunt Valley only to find out its already been made. This buritto now costs me $16.

Arrive at the Chipotle. Find out my dinner isn’t ready because they ran out of steak, but are 3 minutes away from having it ready. 10 minutes later I go back. “Oh no, you don’t have your order yet? Here’s a free bag of chips.” ….because, you know, dry salty chips without their $3 guac to go along with them is totally making up for their ineptness tonight.

Arrive home. Just as Miss Twist is pulling away.

But I got a Kindle today. That was sweet.

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