>Thank yous

>My new fave thing to watch on the trainer is Jimmy Fallon (or Jimmy Balloon as my droid auto-correct likes to say). Today’s ep I was catching up on was one where Jimmy wrote some thank you notes. So I was inspired to write a few of my own.

Thank you, America. You give us the tools to try to do anything on our own. And when we F it up, you created jobs for just about any task under the sun so I can just pay someone to fix it.

Apparently framing/matting isn’t my talent

Thank you, person who put a yield sign at this intersection that no one ever notices and proceeds to come to a full stop anyway.

Because when I am stopped at the actual stop sign, and give you the “no, YOU go signal,” I feel like I’m being a good person. When really I’m just following the law. But its a good boost at the end of my commute.

Thank you, Miss Twist. For bringing softserve ice cream to my door at an almost awkwardly late time of night. When I heard your ice cream bells jingle for the first time in 2011 tonight and sprinted out of my house, beating all the other kids on the block, I had a sense of accomplishment. And a tasty treat to finish my night with.

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