>Cookie Monster and #Winning

>If you know me, you know I love candy. And chocolate. And cookies. Annddddd…..cookies and candy and chocolate. Trying out the notion of “not stuffing myself with desserts” is a tough one for me. As it usually does though, brilliance struck one day in the Safeway: premade cookie dough. Genius! I could make just a cookie or two for myself for dessert each night. I still get fresh chocolate chip cookies but I don’t have a dozen or two of them staring me in the face saying EAT ME! (They do this. I kid you not. Especially after I swim. It’s weird.)

Anyway, this has turned out great for me. Until tonight, when I realized that I could have just one cookie. Or I could have one GIANT COOKIE!!!!


Psyche, my actual reason for including winning in this post is because I did win something today! Charisa Wernick had a Zoot Giveaway on her blog that I was lucky enough to win….If you don’t read her blog already, you should go check it out here. Thanks Charisa! 🙂

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