Fire in my Freezer

I wanted to write this blog post as a Public Service Announcement to help others who may encounter this situation. Last night, I encountered a monster in the refrigerator. It was kind of like this scene from Ghostbusters:

Actually, I have never seen Ghostbusters (I know, I know…) but everyone at work told me my story was reminiscent of that.

Here is what happened:

Last night I opened the freezer as I was getting my dinner supplies ready and I hear a HISSSSSSS. Hmm, I think. So I bend down and look into the freezer. I can see through some grates in the back of it that there  is a glowing orange coming from the back part – the glowing orange that is like embers on a campfire one forgot to snuff out.

Me: “umm, guys, I think there’s a fire in the freezer!”

Carly: “There is not a fire in the freezer.”

Me: “No really, there’s a fire in the freezer.”

(Carly and Ryan come take a look)

Carly: “Okay, so we might have a fire in the freezer.”

(Carly and I begin to giggle)

Ryan: “Girls this is not a time for giggling.”

We unplugged the freezer, I called my dad and we began to google. Within a matter of minutes we determined that this was in fact not a fire in the freezer, but rather the defrost cycle of the freezer kicking on. Apparently I have just never been hanging out around the freezer when this happened before. If you would like to see a thread to a post my dad made about the issue  click here. You can see that “Gary” was helpful in pointing out the same solution we all had a hunch about.

Alas, no fires (or monsters for that matter) in the freezer.

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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    1. ummm first of all – the first batch was AWESOME we just didn’t want to prematurely release a product that wasn’t 100% up to our standards. Second of all – boo you!

      1. So now I’m expecting something that is better than 100% awesome in comparison to poo-tasting picky bars (which I already think are awesome.) The bar has been set…

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