IM 70.3 World Championships, Pre-Race

You know you’re in the desert when your boogers are weird.  Like, seriously, my nose can’t be any dryer.

Like boogers, logistics of this race are a little weird. Take for instance that the practice swim this morning was from 6:30 to 8:30am at Lake Las Vegas/T1. But, you couldn’t rack your bike until 12 noon. I can’t imagine anyone having 3.5 hours of training to get through to kill time out there. And other than the lake, it is seriously a ghost town out there. So then you have to come back to your hotel kill some time, and then eventually head back out there.

The weird things continued at the bike check in, where you had to wait in line in the hot sun for what felt like forever (probably 15 minutes) to get into transition. The hold up was because they had people surveying each athlete about what kind of bike they had, components, aero bars, wheel sets, etc. First of all – how the heck am I supposed to know this? I ride my bike. I can even fix my bike sometimes. My bike is named Delia (psyche, it’s not, but that feels like a good name!). But I couldn’t tell you the dimensions and specifications of things. Needless to say my “ummms” and blank looks were not received as proper answers to their questions. So, I took to making answers up. Component? Shimano Flintstone Pro. Aero bars? Profile Design Ferrar-ish. Tires? Specialized Awesomes. What you haven’t heard of these? Pssshhh clearly you don’t know bikes.

Then you descend down into T1 and there is literally a lineup of dudes sitting in tailgating chairs with umbrellas to shade themselves holding clipboards. As you walk by them they are (I think) tallying more of your bike specs. I, however, assumed they were giving us ratings on how cute and pretty we were so I made sure to give them my best swagger.

Also weird: T1. Here’s a pic:

See the tiny little tent on the left side of the pic? That’s the swim exit. Then you get to run all the way around the lake to the right side where T1 is set up. I didn’t snag a shot of the T1 exit, but let’s just say, you know it’s a good hill when there’s a switchback! I think the spectators will get some good laughs watching us run our bikes up that thing.

But once I am out of transition I think my fun will begin. I drove the bike course today (note: by driving the bike course I mean that Jennie and I actually drove on roads that are near the bike course. We got back to the hotel and found out that we were not in fact on the correct path. Whoops!) and I’m pretty pumped to tackle it tomorrow.

And the run? Well, we’ll see. I still have no idea what my legs will do tomorrow on the bike or the run, so mostly I am hoping to get in a solid effort and have some fun. After all, it is Vegas, baby!

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