IM Louisville in video and pictures…

I used a lot of words to describe IM Louisville in my last post. Now I’ll use some videos and pictures:
Compression socks and Noosas - I'm officially a tri nerd.
Definitely not a photoshopped pic of Hillary and me. Nope, not one bit.
Hillary and Maik kept watch over my hotel room before the race 🙂

I handle pre-race nerves fairly well. That being said, the morning of the race I am pretty high strung and set on doing things my way. This often means talking as little as possible to others, demonstrated by this video taken by my dad the morning of the race.  I was not a happy camper as the only words out of my mouth are “please don’t film me” (see below). Now it’s good for a laugh though.

Umm I hope you got your tickets for the gun show.
Aww, we're on a date. Also known as the worst date ever. Haha 🙂
Stopping to play in my Oiselle Roga shorts at the WVU track on the way home!

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