Recovery week!

Post-Vegas Coach Hillary gave me some reprieve in the form of a recovery week.  I actually have no problem not doing any workouts, or next to nothing at least. I did some stuff when I felt like it, but when I didn’t want to do it – I didn’t! There are plenty of times ahead when the going will get tough and I will have to talk myself into some workouts. Why not put some money in my sleep and social banks now to make those valuable weeks a little bit easier?? I am nearing the final day now, so I thought I’d discuss some of the many things I have done in my week off:

-Got some new suits! Seeing as the next couple weeks are “swim camp,” I think I will be happy I got myself some new cute TYR suits for pool time. Somehow my outdoor pool is staying open until OCTOBER 2nd – CRAZY! – so, I will be enjoying the last of my outdoor swimming time for the year. With my new suits I needed another $4 to get free shipping from, so I got one of those TYR Sham-Wowish towels. It is by no means  a “new” item on the market, but I still think it’s….weird. I know I had seen these when I was a kid, and I definitely remember the magical quality it has when it can absorb so much water and be dry with just a squeeze. But what I didn’t remember was how dry and stiff it gets when it’s dry. It just doesn’t seem practical to carry around this cardboard fake towel that you have to dunk into water to make into a real towel. I don’t know, maybe I haven’t fully thought it through. But it is cool for pretending I’m a diver.

-I made another video! Since I had no workout plans this weekend, I was pumped to tag along with Carly and Emily’s long run. Only I rode my bike for 14 of the 2o miles and entertained them with a Jeopardy-esque game along the way:

-In my 4th consecutive weekend of travel, I found myself in Philly last weekend with Ryan to spectate the Philly Distance Run. It was a super special last day as a 29-year-old for him as he ran a PR, and it was really cool to have a weekend off to just be the support team. You can read about his race on his blog here!

-Carly and I have gone into business so stay tuned to the blog as we will be debuting the Carlyssa Energy Bars soon. I don’t want to get your hopes up too high….but they are pretty much the best thing ever.

-Exchanged some fun e-mails with my dad. When he came to watch IM Louisville, I somehow ended up in a competition with him over who can have the most twitter followers. Needless to say, it’s one month in, and I am crushing the competition. But, he’s trying, and I have to give him that. He even humbled himself enough to ask me what a “poundtag” was 🙂 haha. But the majority of our emails lately have been like this:

From: Dad

Subj: 3 Followers!

Message: I have 3 Followers!

From: Me

Subj: re: 3 Followers!

Message: Cool, dad! Also, can you help me out and pick up my Army 10 miler packet for me on your way home from work in a few weeks?

(one week later)

From: Dad

Subj: I’m up to 5 Followers! Working on it….

Message: (there was nothing else in the e-mail)

From: Me

Subj: re: I’m up to 5 Followers! Working on it…

Message: Very cool dad! One a week….in 4 years you will have as many as me! (jk I didn’t say that. But it would have been good if I thought of it 8 hours ago) Anyway, are you able to pick up the Army 10 packet? That will be a huge help!

(10 minutes later)

From: Dad

Subj: Fwd: Enter Now for your chance to win!

Message: (forwarded message from Ticketmaster about Train tickets)

From: Me

Subj: re: Fwd: Enter Now for your chance to win!


(5 minutes later)

From: Dad

Subj: Packet pickup

Message: I will put it on my calendar.

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