Monday Monday

Last week started off pretty slow. Taking it day by day due to my groin left me time early in the week to distract myself so I didn’t get worked up over not being able to run yet. Some of these distractions included:

-Tweeting at the Baltimore Run Festival. It was brought to my attention that anything tweeted with the pound tag of “baltrunfest” would be displayed on the Baltimore Sun website as they came in. Naturally, I had to tweet….and wait…and watch….and then screenshot it when I saw it pop up. Yes, distracting myself is this easy.

-Reading Kona Race reports from some friends on the blogosphere. The next best thing to getting to go out to Kona myself is getting to enjoy the day by tracking some ladies who I compete against and respect! It’s not easy to find girls who manage it all – work, life, and training – and these girls do it while being super fast. Check out their Kona reports here: Haley, Libby, and Katie.

-Wondering things like “how is it that I always try to pull the keys out of the ignition before putting the car in park?” and “how do I always forget if the URL addresses use the “” or “//”?”

Before I knew it, Friday hit and I was able to run a little and get back on track. I am coming off the weekend feeling like I got hit by a bus (a training bus of course, driven by the one and only Hillary B.) and am looking forward to my massage tonight; though I don’t think that will cure the windburn on my face from the weekend ride!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Alyssa!!! Glad to hear you’re back running and I’m slightly jealous you still have a race on your 2011 calendar…I’ll just have to live vicariously through you and your fun training until then!

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