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October 5, 2011
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October 12, 2011

Womp Womp

I DNF’d the Army 10 mile this weekend. Certainly not the highlight of my racing career, that’s for sure. My morning was off to a rough start from the beginning as I lolly-gagged before getting on the metro and missed the first set of trains. That put me at the Pentagon approximately 13 minutes before the start of the race, having to still drop my bag (note: you do this outside of the security line; I wasn’t aware and lost about 10 minutes going through that line twice) and go to the bathroom before getting to the start. For a race with a bajillion people you think they’d have close to a bajillion bathrooms, but that was not the case. This pre-race gathering area was one of the biggest clusters I’ve ever seen, and the line for the bathroom didn’t move in the 2 minutes I opted to wait in an attempt to give it a chance. So, I pooped on the side of the road. Literally. I ran down the road, away from the start, found a patch of high grass, and did my business approximately right here:

Needless to say while it is slightly humorous now, it wasn’t at the time.

After that I had to warm-up en route to the start line, and heading up there I actually felt pretty good and proud of accomplishing everything in time for me to start with my corral. About 11 minutes after the gun, my wave started and I took off running down the left hand side of the road¬† to keep a 7 minute pace. My goal of 1:10 seemed reasonable to me given my training lately. From the start I felt a twinge in my groin and knew it wasn’t good. I tried to compensate for the loss of power a little with my right leg, but by the 4th mile I was falling off pace pretty hard and a 7:30 was feeling like a 200% effort. At mile 7 the pain was too much to really run or walk at all, and I made it to where Ryan was spectating and made the call to take the metro to the finish.

I am still in my 48 hours of sulking period I have allowed myself, but I don’t really want to elaborate on this any more than I have. I think I made the right call by stopping, and Hillary and I are not worried that a few days off will impact any plans for AZ whatsoever. Yes, it stinks. But, I’ll live.

In other news, some awesome things did happen this weekend. Ryan got his first win in a triathlon at the Waterman’s Half! It was really neat to be out there and I was able to catch him go by around mile 45 of the ride, then several places on the run. A W is always a neat thing, but the first triathlon W is even sweeter!

I also went 5/5 in my football picks this week. I played MDG through Bankrupt Bookie last year and managed to pull off a decent enough season to win some $$ in the final weeks. This year I was off to a rough start but maybe that’s turning around. My team name is AIOGTWMDGTY.