Crazy Girl

Well folks, it’s here. I am within the one week window to Ironman Arizona and the nerves are here. The good side is that I am confident that once I am out in Tempe, I will be cool and calm and ready to face the day. The downside is that it means the next couple days are a little stressful, mainly because of one thing: packing.

Now, let’s look at the facts. This is my fourth Ironman. I have also traveled to several other large triathlons in the past few years. I am, by all definitions, a routine machine. I know exactly what needs to go, how it goes into each bag, and how to carefully pile them on top of me as I walk through the airport in a few days. But, it’s not so easy. Despite knowing everything I need – and having packed all of the neccessities last weekend – I have a classic case of over-packing syndrome. What if it rains during the morning? What if it rains in the evening? What if it blizzards? What if we go to a nice dinner? What if I want to get my nails done and need flip flops? What if I need to walk around for awhile and need sneakers, but not the sneakers I’d run in for the race – you know, like, cute-walkable-make people wonder if I’m going to do the Ironman because a girl wearing shoes that damn cute cannot also be an athlete-sneakers?

All of these questions haunt me until the moment I sit down on the plane. I’ll be sitting at work….thinking about work….planes…excel….codes……..STRAPLESS BRA! Yes, I need to pack my best strapless bra for that one shirt that I might wear if we go to a restaurant between the hours of 5-7:15 where we might sit outside but it will still be a warm enough to wear that shirt with some nice shorts and my sandals.

A few hours later….more data….emails…..oh look someone brought twizzlers today….multiplication….ZIPLOCK BAGS. Definitely, need ziplocks.

This goes on all day, and mostly all night. I sleep with a pencil and paper next to my bed in case I wake up in a panic because I forgot to pack…..oatmeal? Ha. I also “lost” Amelia for a few minutes this evening and managed to convince myself that I had accidently packed her inside my bike box. Clearly, I am losing it. Carly got to witness this insanity.

In a couple days I will be watching the sun set behind “A” mountain in Tempe. But until then I apologize for everyone who has to deal with this crazy girl 🙂

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  1. GOOD LUCK ALYSSA! Love the pre-race nerves! It’s a good thing! Means you care. And I do the same thing about packing…which did me a lot of good on my current work trip – totally forgot my work shoes!!! Good thing I packed those “cute” sneakers! Can’t wait to watch you race!!!!

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