Hopped off the plane at PHX

Since arriving in Phoenix last night a general scan of Tempe shows a rapid increase in the sighting of compression socks, lock-laces, and IMAZ cycling kits (for this current year’s race!) so you know the race is getting closer. Yesterday I knocked out a swim and bike before travelling the rest of the day. We arrived here in Tempe at 6ish and had time for a quick shakeout run and dinner (Z-Tejas – definitely recommend it!) before feeling the effects of the time difference. That meant bedtime was an early 8:30 and I slept full through until 7ish the next day. Gotta love how dark hotel curtains keep the rooms 🙂

Today is a rest day so after a good breakfast and couple loops at the expo I have been staying off my feet. We did get lunch at Chronic Taco though which was clutch. AND I got to steal some of Hillary’s time as we met at Starbucks for a pre-race catch-up/pump up! The weather out here is wonderful and I really am looking forward to a solid race on Sunday…I will update more tomorrow with tracking info and my final race thoughts!

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