New York City?

(That’s supposed to be said like in those old Pace Picante salsa commercials)

After last weekend’s whirlwind 5K adventure we made one more stop before heading into NYC. We met up with Brian Shea of Personal Best Nutrition. Brian has been a friend of Ryan’s for quite some time now. Ryan and I will both be using some First Endurance products at IMAZ and Brian has been a great contact and a wealth of information about nutrition in general as we made our race plan. I definitely recommend him as a contact for any nutrition needs you have!

We hit the road and got to NYC just in time to throw our bikes in my sister’s apartment and head out to dinner.  By the end of dinner Ryan and I were already falling asleep so we kept things quiet and got to bed at a reasonable hour. Despite getting an extra hour to sleep it was still tough for me to get up the next morning for my long run. The plan was to try to get it out of the way before the marathon even started (with a 10 am start time that’s actually possible). It was my lucky day as Ryan was running with me for the first 80 minutes or so; he helped me keep the pace honest, and once again I found myself surprised with the pace I was able to keep over that time. After his run was done I had a little bit more to add on before we headed out to the marathon course.

We made it out to mile 17.5 just as the elite men were passing by and staked out a good cheering spot. Lucky for us our friends are fast and so we knew we’d never have to be in one spot for too long. This was especially lucky because it was a chilly day in the shade of the buildings. While we waited here we met up with Erin and Meg, some more of the greatest support team ever for a marathon!! Seriously – we had 10 people racing, and over 10 people out there supporting.

Me, Erin and Meg

After all our runners passed us here – and they looked great – we headed over to Central Park to catch them in the final miles.  For us, this meant another mile or so of a run to make sure we got there with time to spare. It’s always inspiring to watch others at mile 24 of a marathon, so I really liked being at this spot. Soon enough though our runners were through again so we headed on to the finish. Of course though, not before I got a hot dog. And maybe nachos.

All our runners finished the race in under 3:25 – INSANE! Carly NAILED it and got herself an 8 minute PR – only positive splitting the race by 12 seconds. Does it get any better than that?? I don’t think so!!!

I really wish I knew what Melissa was looking at in this picture. Oh well.

After the race it was back into the car and back to Baltimore! Congrats to everyone who ran NYC on a great day!

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