This little piggy stayed home

I need to have a few words with whoever scheduled Halloween this year. October 31st? Seriously? Don’t you know that’s like peak training time before IMAZ? Jeez. What was wrong with October 3rd? 10th? Or better yet, perhaps mid-February so all the Valentine’s Day naysayers can avoid annoying  holiday lamenting and occupy themselves. Ha – #occupythis should be a movement.

But, I digress.

I did not make it out for Halloween this year, despite the fact that Baltimore is very fun on this night. I even had a costume in mind! Why didn’t I go out? Well, since you asked, I was feeling like my bicycle on Halloween. You know – two-tired?

Haha. Man, I’m pretty funny today.  (Okay, I admit it, pretty much all my jokes are shamelessly stolen from someone/something.)

But yeah, this little shorty was tired and in bed by 9:30 on Halloween. It’s “about that time” in the training cycle. That means the following things are deemed big: workouts, hunger, tiredness. The following are small: spare time, daylight, and my patience. You can see from my extensive vocabulary choices here my energy management skills are in full effect and I have no extra energy to fancy up this post!

But the good news in all of this is I feel good and my workouts are strong! I can sense the taper is near…..

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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  1. Hey Alyssa,
    Thanks for your posts! I am a semi-new triathlete and its fun to read about your path to being really, really fast! I’ve noticed that the past few weeks have been ‘hungry’ on the whole–is that a result of your big training load or that combined with a calorie deficit/diet of some sort?

    Thanks and good luck in Arizona!

    1. Thanks so much!

      The hunger is definitely a theme of my peak training weeks. It’s not the result of any sort of diet that’s on purpose. The calorie deficit comes as a result of the training volume, so it’s all I can do to stay on top of it. With work and training, it’s a tough task in itself to make sure I always have enough snacks for after workouts and food for meals – sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to get to the grocery store so I’m scrounging for whatever I can. That often leaves me with options that probably don’t fill me up as much as some of the “better” foods would. I’m getting better with the planning but I know I still have a lot to learn!

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