On a day when Kim Kardashian’s marriage is ending after a mere 72 days, I began thinking about time today. Psyche, I was planning this post before I even found out about that, but now it seems especially fitting.

My life revolves around time. 45 hours of work a week. Thirty-five minutes commuting each way – 40 if I’m going to/from the pool.  Ten minutes of walking back and forth from my car to my house with my groceries since I got home after 5:30 and had to park far away. Then I get to fit in my workouts – this is where it gets especially interesting. Some days I end up with barely a minute to sit and decompress before I am in my bed drifting off to sleep. And by drifting off, I mean I’m usually asleep before my head hits the pillow.

Somewhere along the line I developed a fairly unique way to rationalize the time of my training – TV shows. I don’t know when I began doing it, or what prompted it, but at some point I began to measure my workouts in the unit of “episodes of Friends.” I figure at this point it was probably 2002 and Joey was dating Rachel for a bit before Rachel had a baby, so really those were the highlights of my days.

Apparently, not much else has changed. When I have been on the trainer for an hour and have 30 minutes left, I actually think to myself “you can do it, it’s only one episode of Friends.”  As my workouts have grown in length though, I have had to become a little creative and sometimes my swims are 2 episodes of the OC (without commercial – DVD Box version!). Or on the longer days, I’m on the bike for the length of the Titanic….twice.

Hillary and I use Workout Log to track my workouts and they make this neat little graph.  It’s weird – they measure things in TV episode and movie time units too…..

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