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Before I recap my Charleston weekend, some of you may be wondering how my super-star OT qualifying friend Chrissie did this weekend in Houston. Unfortunately, Chrissie withdrew from the race at mile 20 due to some hamstring trouble. She tells about the experience in her own words on our TWSS blog here, and I can say that finish or no finish, she’s still #1 in our hearts 🙂 Live to run another day of course!

Also going down this past weekend amidst all the trials-hype was the HURT 100. This still stands as without a doubt the hardest race I have ever run, and prior to the weekend I can I was almost glad not to be facing that race this year! However, as the twitter and text updates started rolling in, those feelings changed and yes, I was missing it! But I was lucky enough to run vicariously through a fellow HB athlete, Andi, and follow along with her race throughout the weekend. I am sure this race lived up to Andi’s expectations – and she nailed it, finishing in  34 hours. I got goosebumps looking at her finisher pic with super pacer-Dave (I think it’s HIS turn to run the race next year 🙂 )

Now on to Charleston where the 5 of us spread our talents over 2 of the 3 races going down last weekend. Ryan and Conrad were tackling the marathon. With a goal of getting that BQ time for 2013, Conrad ran with Ryan for a good chunk of the race and they achieved this goal easily. Well, kind of. The wind and not-so-scenic race course presented some challenges, but they got it done and it was especially neat to see Ryan come off with a huge 7 minute PR. Less than 8 weeks after an Ironman he managed to recover, then train for an open marathon. That is not an easy feat folks!

In the 5k, Ed, Andy and I represented all the way. Ed ran away with the win in the men’s race, while Andy helped pace me through 2 miles of my race, ultimately helping me get that first place female spot! My time was a 19:05 but before you investigate that too much, yes, the course was short. We believe it fell just at 3 miles  and would estimate a true 5K time in the realm of 19:45. But with a goal of running under 20, I was very pleased. And yes, I do realize that I am a lucky girl to have managed to find a 5k I could WIN as my first one. I’m also excited for the race pictures as I had a sweet outfit on despite it being pretty darn chilly that early:

Is there more short-distance racing in my future? Probably. But for now it’s back to swim camp!

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  1. Holy smokes, that’s awesome! Congrats to everyone in Charleston!!!

    Hope that Chrissie is healing and back at it in no time!

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