Drumroll Please….

January swim camp mileage: 55 miles!

Some facts:

Las Vegas is 55 miles from Valley of Fire State Park.

Last January I swam 0 miles.

When I swim a lot, I blog about swimming a lot.

I would have rather just run the 55 miles….at once.

Some (unverified) facts:

I am leading the pool “100 miles in 100 days competition” still.

Ryan is very ready to be done with my swim camp phase. (He’s being a trooper and doing as much as possible with me!)

Coach Hillary is not quite done with my swim camp phase.

Swimming makes your arms fall asleep while you sleep. (Haley said she’s never heard of this phenomenon. Jury is still out.)

The odds of the lifeguards filling the pool while I swim is directly proportional to the odds of me swimming in the lane the cold water dumps into.

Somehow swim camp always lasts longer than run camp or bike camp….

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  1. This made me laugh, given I just finished a “swim focus”, although it wasn’t nearly as many miles as yours! But, Dave is also very ready to be done with my swim focus, my hands regularly go numb at night (well, I sleep on one of my nerves, but it’s more irritable when swimming a lot), and that stupid cold water spout ALWAYS turns on in my lane. And I JUST WANT TO RUN. Keep kicking ass!

  2. Have you ever been to the Valley of Fire. I went there last year during IM World’s 70.3. It is a beautiful place. We had a picnic in the middle of the park as the sun was setting. If you haven’t been it is a must. Good luck with the rest of swim camp.

    1. I have not been there…it just showed up when I googled “things that are 55 miles apart!” But it does sound awesome!

  3. I don’t mind, YOU can keep swimming – I just need to stop!

    And Haley has been swimming her whole life, she probably just doesn’t remember when her arms fell asleep when she was an infant. Mine definitely did when I first started putting in big volume.

  4. 55 nautical miles could allow you to swim from Baltimore Fells Point to Cambridge down the bay for the Race start in June . … downcurrent . . .just sayin . .. .

  5. Holy hell! Did you read my latest blog post about my Jan swim challenge? You were the one that motivated me to do my Jan swim challenge, but I only swam 12 miles… lol. Totally different training schedules! So how many hours a day do you spend in the pool?

    1. Anywhere from 1 hour to 3….Most of the big days are broken up into 2-a-days though! And great job with your swim month!!! Remember last year I was a big zero, so you knocked that out of the park!

  6. My arms have NEVER fallen asleep! Even when I was an infant!!! I have a really good memory.

    But I think trail running puts my whole body to sleep. Longest, most painful 11 miles of my life yesterday. I have no idea how you do 100!

    I’ll trade you my run camp for your swim camp!!!

    1. LOL can you imagine if we were like hey coaches, we’re just swapping training schedules now because we like the other’s better…k thanks! hahaha i wish!!!

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