100 x 100 – Complete!
February 12, 2012
Calm before the storm
February 19, 2012


At the end of last year Carly and I fielded a couple questions about what exactly was going on in our house. We both had stellar racing seasons¬† in the Fall, which happened to coincide with Carly moving into the house.¬† With Lance’s case being closed now the Feds may have some more time for other investigations so I figure I would save them the trouble and come clean with our secret: Doping. Solidarity.

Per Wikipedia, Solidarity refers to the ties in a society that bind people to one another. Last fall Carly and I tied ourselves together through our workout and our relentlessness pursuit for “better”. Our society was formed: a society of 2 fast little ladies.

Earlier this year, Carly had a goal to build upper body strength. As we all know, one of the fastest ways to do this – especially given time constraints, etc, is to do pushups. When asked to join her, I was hesitant because I had started swim camp and was already feeling the effects of that in my arms – I really had no reason to add to that. But, there was a compromise to be made. For every hour I swam (approx 3,000 meters in the pool) Carly would complete 2 minutes of pushups. Those 2 minutes could be broken into 30 second segments throughout the day.

You can see I have done an extensive mathematical analysis of our data (click for a better view):

And the conclusion is clear: I have improved in the volume of swimming I can handle in a similar fashion to Carly’s improvement of how many pushups per minute she can bust out! In fact, just the other day she averaged 46 per minute….just a month ago she started with an average of 9 per minute!

Solidarity works!