The stakes are high, the water’s rough

I’m not sure if it’s the 24 hours of dreary weather we finally had to remind me that it *is* winter, after all. Or maybe it’s just a general Baltimore-induced malaise, but I got myself into a bit of a funk today. You know, the kind where you feel like Taylor Swift as she walks into work in the video for Ours….

Or maybe it was just that today was a rest day so I’ve had too much time to think.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the pool tomorrow!

Published by Alyssa Godesky

Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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  1. Definitely hate funk days. I think your right, it gives us to much time to think, unfortunately we can’t unplug that or turn it off. I’m in recovery mode right now and its killing me especially since it is so nice up here in PA. Well talk to ya later


  2. In order to succeed, you must know what you are doing, like what you are doing, and believe in what you are doing. ~Bill Rogers. Hang tough Alyssa

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