It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

If you asked me what my favorite holiday is, you may never guess my answer. Probably because most people don’t necessarily think of this day as a holiday: Daylight Savings Time: Spring Version! Trading in one (albeit precious) hour of sleep pales in comparison to the hours of afternoon daylight I will now be experiencing. Since my morning workouts are usually runs or swims anyway (or the occasional trainer sesh), I crave getting out of work and still finding daylight abundant for my afternoon workout. I don’t mind that I may be pushed back in my morning sunrise. And since this was a Leapyear, I don’t want to hear any complaining about the lost hour – you already got an entire day for free!

Daylight Savings means that a lot of things are near. The feel of summer is in the air. Snowball stands will be open soon. Miss Twist will start coming by my house at 10pm again! Thursday night group rides are only a few weeks away! It won’t feel like 11pm when I’m eating dinner at 8:30p. Driving with the windows down, and letting the breeze blow through open windows in the house. Not to mention I swear this improves the morale of all of America because of the increase in Vitamin D people get from sunlight.

It also means tri season is just around the corner! I am literally counting down the days until my season opening race at Rev3 Knoxville……Only 59 days left!!

An added bonus of my favorite time of the year is that this weekend coincides with “Camp Biswelsiek” (yes, I made that up myself….if you google that you probably won’t get anywhere)….Since I am unable to get out to Arizona for Coach Hillary and Maik’s 4-day Tuscon Smashfest, I have worked out an East coast version of the camp with Coach and will be putting in the work along with everyone else Friday – Monday! Let the fun begin!


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    1. oh man! Knoxville and CDA – we should probably be more that internet stalker-friends seeing as we have the same schedule!

      1. no kidding! I’m also running the national half next weekend and I think that about covers my “big” races for the first half of the year. but seriously, with the riding!

  1. i’m more of a morning person myself – who has the energy to work out after work. That being said swimming in the evening is about to get a whole lot easier.

  2. Pardon the drool after clicking on Miss Twist soft serve. You get that at your house?! Amazing. Also, agreed on Daylight Savings. My Tuesday Night Hillz group was giddy talking about it last night. Good luck with your upcoming Smash Camp!

    1. Yes! Miss Twist literally stops at my front door! Although I have to say being one of her last stops of the night makes it a tough call between going to bed early or waiting up for a cone….

  3. Yeah, I was going to say “Miss Twist comes by at 10pm…but Alyssa has been asleep for 45 minutes” Ha!

  4. Let me tell you something: I do not miss Miss Twist. Who lets their children consume ice cream at 10pm? Stop sitting on our block for twenty minutes playing that infernal song, Miss Twist! It’s like torture.

    1. hahaha, I suppose as long as the children are eating ice cream and not stealing things or doing drugs, we should be okay with it?!

  5. Daylight Savings, I remember that. For some reason in Arizona they don’t observe Daylight Savings, I’m sure that’s part of the reason you opted out of camp in Tucson the weekend the clocks get changed.

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