Birthday Fun!

I  can’t quite decide if I would say it was lucky that my birthday fell at the start of taper time for IM CDA. As much as I need the rest, I couldn’t help but wonder what the smashfest would look like if we didn’t have a big race on the horizon 🙂 But Hillary knows how to get a lot of bang for her buck – especially with swim sets – and I tackled my very tough 100×50 birthday swim set bright and early Wednesday morning!

Later in the day it was on to the ballpark for Ryan and I where the stars aligned for the most perfect night of baseball weather ever!

I have to say, life is good in Baltimore when the Orioles are winning! Let’s go O’s!

Now only 9 more days until I get to race my first race as an actual 27 year old. Here’s to making it count!

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Are you ready for the IM CDA. I have two friends (Brian and Mandy Lovett) going out there to race. Water will be a little chilly from what I hear. Well enjoy your last weekend before…

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