Dog Days of Summer

My mind is going numb these days but I do know one thing is true: if you survive a period of time that is deemed “camp” of any sort by Hillary Biscay, you are going to come out stronger for it! I am hitting a training volume that I never imagined right now during bike camp, but I am happy to report that I have been making big gains and am excited to get in some races in August.

I can barely think enough to blog, but I was inspired this morning as one of my local radio stations was having people call in their “simple pleasures”….so here’s my triathlete version:

  •  An outdoor pool to yourself while the sun comes up.
  • Finding a hidden favorite gel/chew in the pocket of a jersey/shorts/bento box that you forgot about.
  • A newly paved road on your favorite bike route.
  • That moment in a group ride when everyone is content in the pace line and 20 people are working as one unit.
  • Sleeping.
  • Having dinner made for you after a long day of work/training.
  • A bike ride where the bike doesn’t creak or many any weird noises.
  • The moment you open the front door for a run and realize it’s a cool 70 degrees with no humidity.
  • Hitting all green lights on your ride/run.
  • A million hours of Olympics DVRed to watch on the trainer.
  • When the weather is crappy all day when you’re stuck at work, and the moment you leave the sun peaks out.

Happy training everyone! Here’s to hoping you find your simple pleasures 🙂

Published by Alyssa Godesky

Alyssa is a professional triathlete who has logged over 8,000 miles in competition of swimming, biking and running across five continents. She came to triathlon from an ultrarunning background and over the last few years has found success back on the trails: in 2018 she set the female supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) on Vermont's 273 mile Long Trail in 5 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes. In 2020 she set the women's supported FKT for climbing the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks in 3 days, 16 hours and 16 minutes. She is a triathlon and running coach, and also enjoys spending time guiding hikers out on the trails. Alyssa is based in Charlottesville, VA with her dog Ramona.

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  1. I love this! So true.

    I hope there is another post coming about “bike” camp what is this? Sounds hard but rewarding.

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