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As I prepare myself to get back into the pool for another round of winter swim camp, I am reminded how important it is to take care of my hair and skin. I am fortunate that SBR Sports is sponsoring the Rev3 team this year, so I have the benefit of the swim shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion all at my disposal. Every time I go to get my hair cut I warn them I do a lot of swimming so not to expect perfectly conditioned hair. And you know what? Every time they remark that they would have never known! That stuff works! So, my hair and my skin is taken care of. But what about the rest of the time? I know every girl has her own way of “keeping the pretty” in sport, so I thought I’d list a few other things I do or have thought of….

-Getting my nails done! I don’t have time to do it as much as I like, but there really is nothing like mani/pedi time. And trust me – I have brought in feet that have been missing toenails, had huge blisters and scratches from trail running, bruises, the whole nine yards…..never shy away from a pedicure because you think your feet are in bad shape. I assure you, they have seen it all. And now that gel nail polish is around, the nails can last way longer. Bonus point if you can match your helmet!

I don’t know why my feet look like they belong to an 80 year old and are wrinkly looking….

-Cute workout clothes! I am fast to admit that this is one of my downfall. You expect me to look cute when I’m on my way to the pool at 5am? Heck no. Huge frumpy sweats and a hoodie…non-negotiable! But….there are many other hours of the day (and workouts to do) when I can look cute. I was recently re-inspired to take another crack at this by another one of Hillary’s athletes, Julie. I certainly have plenty of cute Oiselle items to wear, so I have no excuse! My main inspiration from Julie though came in riding clothes. So then I got to looking….I had never considered something like this from Pearl Izumi before, just because I hadn’t ever ridden in anything other than a nonform-fitting, made for men, jersey. But why not?! Super cute, get’s ride of farmer’s tan lines, and it still has huge pockets in the back. Perfect! And I’d be remiss not to mention coachie’s new endeavor – making some super cute, functional, and comfortable clothes over at Smashfest Queen. Check ’em out!

-The bling! About 6 months ago, I had to stop wearing my signature necklace that I think I wore everyday since my parents gave it to me when I graduated from UVA. After swimming with it in my poorly maintained gym pool, the silver had been corroding and it was irreversible. Since then I had been looking for a replacement, but I wanted to make sure it symbolized something for me, or had some kind of representation. That’s when I found tri-bling! Susan created this jewelry line just for triathletes. Each piece has the 3 elements of the triathlon sublty woven into it –

Gliding through the water, 
Spinning the gears of the bike; and 
Pounding the tread of the shoes. ”

I have the tailsman and I love it! I put it on a silver chain and it’s the perfect size to wear with work clothes but also to race in. I have always been a fan of racing with jewelry….and I know I’m not alone here. Kendra throws her hoop earrings in her bag for T2 and puts them in as she runs — I love it! I have always gone with simple pearl earrings, and then as you can see my tri-bling is going to be another staple:

-My final “keep it pretty” suggestion for the day is regular massages! Yes, massages have all sorts of other fitness benefits and help with recovery and blah blah. But at the end of the day, they make me feel good! And when I feel good, I’m way more likely to feel pretty! I stand up straighter. I wear cuter clothes. Definitely a connection there!

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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  1. I love it! Especially your comments about your hair! I’ve been trying to find a product that can help out my long hair with the dryness from the pool, and I haven’t had a lot of luck. My riding outfits are typically pretty terrible, but I always try to feel cute and feminine when I run.

    1. Hey Jessica! You definitely should try the SBR line for shampoo/conditioner. Let me know if you have any trouble getting your hands on some, but they are popping up in more and more local bike shops (and there’s always online). It’s the only shampoo I’ve found that actually helps my hair not smell like chlorine the whole day too!

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