In Good Company

After getting back from Key West this week, I was getting right back into the swing of things…..and in doing so, I noticed that I was still heading to the pool a lot, despite having thought my swim camp block was over. The following is an actual exchange between me and coachie – get excited for a private look into our riveting conversations:

Me: am i not done with swim camp? this amount of swim volume seems awful suspicious.

Coachie: THIS is your last week! Figured we’d need to swim a lot w/half IM recovery so may as well extend it one more wk:)

Me: omggggggggggggg this was like the ultimate false alarm LOL

Coachie: Haaa omg lol

Unfortunately she definitely had the last laugh on that one! But, I did have a light at the end of the tunnel. With a 3 day weekend on the calendar, I had made some plans to swim/bike/ride with Kendra and Leslie (a fellow TeamHPB-er!). Sunday morning I met Leslie at a pool in Arlington — we also ran into Terra Castro getting in her Sunday AM swim. I guess triathletes really aren’t hard to find!

After the swim, Leslie and I headed over to Kendra’s and after some oatmeal and tea, got ready for a few hours on the bike. Lucky for us it was a BEAUTIFUL winter day for riding. I swear we saw 50 other people out on their bikes.

photo 1

And to cap off the day Kendra and I did a nice little run down to Roosevelt Island. With so many people out enjoying the beautiful day there was plenty of people watching going on. I really appreciated having such great company during the day – it made the full day of training fly by. And I was done with plenty of time to spare before the Raven’s game!

After all of this and some more time on the bike today, I certainly wasn’t the only one tuckered out tonight:

photo 2

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