Tea Time

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January 27, 2013
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February 19, 2013

Tea Time

Five weeks out means that this girl is putting in quality time on her legs and leaving very little energy to type – let alone have to think of something to blog about. But for now I did want to share about something that makes me so happy at the end of a long training day: tea!

First, I have to give credit where credit is due. My love of tea has always existed, but living with Carly last year was what really fostered it and made it grow. Carly gave me carbonated water, tea, Carlyssa bars, and a fast running partner – seriously is there anything amazing she didn’t contribute?

Anyway, Carly gently steered me away from the teabags I had been using, and showed me the light with loose tea and a steeper. I would recommend this one, as it’s easy to clean and perfect for just making a mug for one. I have found tea is perfect for a post-ride warm up (or a pre-ride bev as you get yourself psyched-up to be riding in 25 degree weather!). But, what I use tea the most for is bedtime.

In general, I survive pretty well on very little sleep and have no issue getting right to bed. But, there are some nights when a workout isn’t finished until 9 or 9:30pm….and with a 4:30 or 5am wake-up call the next day, that means I have about 1 hour to get done from my workout, eat and get into bed. With all that scrambling, it’s easy to trick your body into not getting tired – exactly the opposite of what I need. So, chamomile tea is my secret weapon! My favorite is Cha-Cha, from Adagio teas. I also like the rooibos vanilla blend (I mean, it says it tastes like cookies in the description so that was an easy sell.) And I’ve discovered that some of the chocolatey blends are decent substitutes for dessert cravings.

Happy tea-ing!