Welcome to the Dirty T

It’s hard to believe this is the end of my third day here in Tucson already! I am so lucky to have a coach willing to take in some athletes for a training camp early season and disrupt her life and routine. Being in Tucson has spoiled me a bit with winter weather.  You can see that had I been training in Baltimore the past few days life would have been a little different – or at least I would have been wearing more layers!



So far we have been hitting all of the highlights here for Tucson training:

-A climb up Madera Canyon on Saturday – The last few miles here reminded me of the climb up to Skyline Drive – loved it!!

-100×100 in the University of Arizona pool! It was a very special day to get to do this with Hillary in attendance, PLUS a special guest Sam McGlone! They may or may not have swum their own intervals…….small details.

-A Reid Park long run! At just under 3 miles per loop, this park serves as  a great spot for controlled efforts during a long run. AND proved to be a great day to also get some much needed sun on my pale face.


In addition to all the training, my training partners are also straightening my style out…..within minutes of touchdown they determined I needed an upgrade and we were shopping within the first hour. There is also a lot of recovery time going on in this house – boots, waffles, and quality time with the puppy:

photo 2

photo 3

More updates from camp later this week!

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