Some pre-race sponsor love!

It’s hard to believe I’ve already raced 3 times this year, including an iron distance — yet race season has only just begun. Lucky for me, the next few months include driveable races and trips, so there will be a few roadtrips on the horizon! This weekend’s race doesn’t qualify as a roadtrip as it’s a mere 25 minutes away in Columbia, MD. One of the staple races in these areas, I’m excited to head back to this race and see if I can get some speed out of the legs these days for some short course racing. I have to admit though, when the Rev3 Quassy Athlete guide came out this week, it’s been hard to focus on this race when I’m eagerly awaiting seeing the Rev3 family in a couple weeks!

Speaking of the Rev3 family – we have been so blessed with some amazing sponsors this year. I had been hearing so much about the new running shoes that Pearl Izumi designed this year, and after all the miles I put in during run camp the past few weeks I was desperately in need of new shoes. I’ll even admit that I was skeptical about all the changes to the shoes – how much could really change in a season? But….the rumors were right. These shoes are amazing. I got a pair of the road H3 and M3 (I like to alternate  shoes with different levels of stability) and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve found that they run about a half size smaller than what I usually wear, but with the size down my feet are happy as a clam. Super lightweight and cushioned, but they give me all the support I need. I could not be more excited to rock these kicks!

The other new product I’m happy about sharing is the Powerbar Fruit blends. I’ve always had trouble finding a middle ground for a pre-workout snack, especially for in the early mornings. I don’t want to roll out of bed and starting chomping on a gel…..but I also am not ready for a chocolatey powerbar most mornings. I want just a light snack to get my blood sugar up and some calories flowing – the fruit blends are just that. They go down super easy and aren’t too sweet or heavy for a morning snack. And best of all absolutely no digestive issues have hit after eating these first thing.

Good luck to all those racing this weekend!

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