‘Tis the season

for inspiration!

Seriously, these days with the weather turning and people out running and riding bikes everywhere, it’s impossible not to be excited to be outside and get my workouts done. Despite run camp being in full-effect, I am absolutely giddy to be out riding these weekends and that is helping me crush it despite the tired legs. Oh, and I think the Normatec and Compex help too……

So whether it’s the gorgeous views from the bike…..


Or the trails which make it feel like a whole new park since the leaves are grown and green you hardly recognize things….


Watching coachie and other Team HPBers crush their races……

Seeing all the fun as Rev3 kicks off the season at Knoxville….

Rev3 glow run


Or shoot, watching Ke$ha’s: My Beautiful Life series on MTV….


Get inspired and ENJOY this time of year! 

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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